(A Gmail Add-on)

Find, Label, & Archive messages by Year

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a cluttered Gmail inbox?
Do you find it impossible to locate important emails from a few years back?
If so, it’s time to take control and tame your Gmail jungle!



Locate messages created or received each year.


Tag found threads by year (e.g.“By Year/2018″)


Remove previous emails from the Inbox.

Once begun, FLAbY will email you status updates until complete.

Who is FLAbY for?

Anyone with a Large Inbox

If years of emails have piled up, this script will streamline the finding and sorting process.

Organization Enthusiasts

If you love a structured inbox, this script will automatically maintain a tidy system for you.

Business Users

Keep your work communications easily accessible by year for reference or compliance purposes.

Key features of FLAbY

Organize and Archive Emails with Ease

FLAbY for Gmail is a powerful Google Apps Script designed to bring order to your email chaos.

Intelligent Year-Based Labeling

Automatically scan your Gmail for messages from past years and neatly organize them into labels like “By Year/2022”, “By Year/2021”, and so on. No more endless scrolling to find older emails.

Efficient Archiving

Identify emails from years prior to the current one and remove the “Inbox” label. This archives them, keeping your main inbox focused on recent communications.

Easy-to-Use Interface

We’ve equipped this script with a simple user interface. With just a few clicks, you can customize settings like the root label name (e.g., “Archived Emails” instead of “By Year”) and whether you want to create monthly sub-labels.

Automatic Logging

Don’t worry about accidental deletions. The script logs all its actions to a Google Sheet, providing a convenient history of changes.

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